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Slide-On Collar Tags - Heart Shape

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Our Slide-On Pet ID Tag is now available in a heart shape! This tag gets all the details right resulting in an attractive, durable and effective tag that will protect your pet for years to come. NO jangle design means quiet for you- a truly SILENT dog tag! NO dangle design means chew-proof and not annoying for your pet.

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Easy to attach with no tools.  Will not fall off.

Made of rugged, 1/16” thick Stainless Steel, these tags are durable.

Available in 2 styles to fit more collars- see below.

Sizes: to fit collars 3/8”,  5/8", 3/4" or 1" wide (no more than 1/8" thick)- see below.

Laser Engraved for deep, high contrast, long-lasting, easy-to-read writing.

Curved Shape matches the shape of your pet's collar; looks much better than flat tags.



We offer nylon collars in 3 sizes and many colors that fit these tags perfectly.  We offer different style collar tags that lay flat on your pet's collar as well. And if you like these dog collar name plates, browse all our pet ID tags today! 


**Which Style Works For My Collar?**

LuckyPet Heart Slide-on Tag

We offer each size tag in an Open Style and Closed Style referring to the slots on the sides of the tag; both look exactly the same from the front.

LuckyPet Heart Slide-on Tag front and back

The Closed Style is designed for belt buckle style collars that are open on one end.  You slide your pet’s collar in one slot and out the other.  That’s it!

LuckyPet Heart Slide-on Tag - Attaching the closed style

If your pet’s collar does not have an “open end” (such as a snap-together type collar) you must choose our Open Style tag.  To install, you pinch the collar and squeeze it into the opening in the slots on the tag. 

LuckyPet Heart Slide-On Tag - attaching the open style

Once you have the Open Style tag in place and the collar is pulled tight against the back of the tag, it is very secure and will not fall off.  The toughness of stainless steel and the thickness of our tags combine to make the ears very strong.  Aluminum or thinner stainless tags can bend and allow the tag to fall off.





**What Size Fits My Collar?**

This style tag is designed to work with single-ply nylon (one layer of material) collars but should work with any collar that is less than 1/8” thick.  That is about the thickness of a stack of two pennies.  Most leather collars will be too thick and are not pliable enough to weave neatly through the slots on the tag. 

This tag will not work with collars that are stiff and don't bend easily, like plastic collars or plastic coated collars.

Our "3/8-Inch" Size is 5/8” tall by 1-3/8” wide and fits perfectly on a 3/8” wide collar as long as it is under 1/8” (two pennies) thick.

Our "5/8-Inch" Size is 1” tall by 1-1/2” wide and fits perfectly on a 5/8” wide collar as long as it is under 1/8” (two pennies) thick.

Our "3/4-Inch" Size is 1-1/8" tall by 1-3/4" wide and fits perfectly on a 3/4" wide collar as long as it is under 1/8" (two pennies) thick.

Our "1-Inch" Size is 1-1/2" tall by 2-1/4” wide and fits perfectly on a 1” wide collar as long as it is under 1/8” (two pennies) thick.

LuckyPet Heart Slide-On Tag - Sizes


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