July 2017 Newsletter – LuckyPet

July 2017 Newsletter

July 24, 2017

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July Pets of the Month

A large cat and her pink cat tag
This blue-eyed girl is Winter, showing off her new tag.
Thanks to Jade of Whitecourt, Alberta for sending this nice shot.

A dog laying proper with his paws crossed

And this sweet girl is Darci, RIP.

Her owners, Jim & Mary of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, wrote: "We wanted to express our love and gratitude to all of you who kept our dear doggies safe." 

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Lost Dog Survives 9 Months in the Mountains

A brown dog smiling for the camera
Back in September, Darwin and Cindy Cameron and their dog Mo went on a hunting trip in the mountains north of their home in Boise, Idaho. Mo, a then 12 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was "retired" from hunting so she spent most of her time relaxing in the camper. But on September 13, for some reason, Mo must have decided to come out of retirement. They suspect that she'd tried to go catch up with Darwin after he left to go hunting. She was lost and alone.

For the next three months, the Camerons searched the mountainous area and spread the word to be on the lookout for a big, old brown Chessie. The word spread. There were several leads but nothing led them back to Mo.

One of the people that heard about the missing dog was nearby Garden Valley resident Cheri Glankler. Glankler has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to finding and helping lost pets, so she followed the story online. But as the Idaho mountains fell under the grip of a colder than normal winter, hope faded and the Camerons went back home.

Late last month, Glankler got a call to ask if she could take in a dog found collapsed at a ranch near Horseshoe Bend, near where the Camerons had been hunting. She obviously made the connection, but this poor dog, covered with fleas and ticks, was deaf and about half the size of the pictures she'd seen of Mo. She really didn't look like her but still...

Glankler was torn whether or not to ask the Camerons if it was possibly Mo. They'd had so many tips and leads that weren't Mo and each one just reopened the wound and left them a bit sadder. But Glankler was becoming convinced that even though this dog was half the weight that Mo was last fall, it was in fact her. She contacted them and as she thought, they were hesitant to get overly excited and rush to see this dog that didn't really look like Mo. Glankler had a conversation with Darwin's brother and thought to ask how Mo was with squirrels; Glankler had been walking the rescued dog when a squirrel was spotted; the calm, older dog bolted after it and she nearly lost her arm! Darwin's brother confirmed that when it came to Mo and squirrels, it was "game on".

That may have been the tipping point for the Camerons to make the trip to see the dog. The reunion was not like a movie but slow and wary as both sides sniffed and tested each other. Mo had been in survival mode for so long, it would take her time to realize that she'd made it back to her old life. She did enough "Mo things" to convince the Camerons 99% that it was her. When they got her home, she immediately knew how to get into the house through the garage. Now they were 100% sure that they had their girl back.

Read more and see more on the Miami Herald website.


Lost Cat Found by Dog

A black dog smiling for a photo
Izzy Francolini lives with her big orange tabby, Ghost, in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Like many outdoor cats, Ghost loves to explore his territory. But last month, when he didn't come home, Francolini immediately began a campaign to put everyone in town on the lookout for him.
Lots of people in the small town heard about or saw the "lost cat" signs and were on the lookout. That included Shelly Colette. In early July, weeks after Ghost disappeared, Colette was out walking with her black border collie/Lab mix, Cash. As they walked, Cash stopped. Not paying attention, Colette waited for him to sniff whatever had gotten his attention. She thought she'd waited long enough and tried to start walking again -but Cash wouldn't move. She finally wondered what he was doing and noticed that he was looking down through the grate over a storm drain. She bent over to look at what had his rapt attention and there was Ghost, looking back up at her. She never would have seen him on her own.

“I had never met Ghost, but I had seen the missing cat signs around town and I thought, ‘That’s Ghost,’ ” said Colette.

She contacted Francolini who was at work. Her boss let her leave and get over as quickly as possible. She got there and was overjoyed to see her boy, seemingly fine and only inches away- but a heavy iron grate prevented the happy reunion. The ordeal wasn't over yet.

The city quickly dispatched a worker to remove the grate. The years had taken its toll and the iron grate was fused to its frame and wasn't budging without a good fight. The first round of the fight was when the worker got out a heavy sledgehammer. Soon five more workers joined him with more sledgehammers and they finally destroyed enough of the grate to get it open. But obviously, with all the noise, Ghost was long gone.

Francolini spent the next 6 hours sitting over the hole calling for Ghost. People, having heard the news, stopped by in shifts to hold vigil with her. Someone brought her dinner. Eventually, she decided she needed to leave. She feared that he was no longer near the hole, scared into the labyrinth of storm drains under the streets.

About three hours later, some friends called her excitedly. They'd gone by the hole to look and heard meowing! Francolini hurried back with a can of food and it worked. She saw him and she didn't hesitate at the opportunity; she was able to grab him by the scruff of the neck and get him back above ground.

Francolini says he's lost about 3 pounds and had some ticks but otherwise seems fine. She's thankful for everyone who helped look for him, especially Cash.

Read and see more on The Star website.

Video Funny

Watch this dog wander on stage, into an orchestra performance and find a good spot to listen. (53 sec)

Amazing and a bit frightening- watch what this beagle does when no one is home. (2:57)


Pets from the Internets...

Just cute and funny pet pics found online:
Two kittens and a piglet on a blanket
A small puppy with its tongue hanging out
A munchkin kitten sitting up on its haunches
A white cat sitting like a human
A dog's head poking out of the side of a car

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