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Frequently Asked Questions


When will my order ship?

Items are usually shipped out within two business days, or the very next business day if ordered before 11 a.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 11 a.m. on Friday will mail out the following Tuesday. 

How are orders shipped?

We ship all orders via the US Postal Service First Class Mail unless expedited service is requested (second day and overnight via FedEx are available for an extra cost).

Do you ship with tracking information?

Tracking is provided on large orders only, and is not provided on small orders since USPS only offers tracking on larger packages (parcels) but not smaller packages (letters).

Do you ship anywhere outside the US?

We currently ship to addresses in the US and Canada only. For shipping to other countries, please contact us to inquire availability.

How do I get a discount on shipping costs?

Our web site is built to factor in multiple items going to the same address and the shipping will adjust based on quantity ordered and where it is going to. 


Are all tags reflective?

Our traditional plastic and metal (stainless steel and brass) tags are reflective, on the back side of the tag. 

Can you engrave on both sides of the tags?

Our traditional plastic and metal (stainless steel and brass) tags as well as the Neon Plastic and Glow In The Dark Plastic tags can be engraved on both sides. It must be a symmetrical shape, and there is an additional fee of $3.50 per tag for the double sided engraving.  Please call to order double-sided tags.

Can the Classic, Shaped and Stainless Steel Jewelry Tags be engraved on both sides?

In some instances we can fit the pet name on the front of either the small or large size jewelry tags for an additional fee of $3.50 per tag.  Please call for more details.

What is the difference between the Classic Jewelry Tags and the Stainless Steel Jewelry Tags?

Our Classic Jewelry tags are nickel plated metal alloy. Our Stainless Steel Jewelry tags are made of solid Stainless Steel. 

What is the color on the jewelry tags made of?

It is a non toxic enamel that is baked into the tag providing a vibrant color background which helps the tag stand out.


Do I have to fill in all fields in the customization if I just want my pet name and phone number on the tag(s)?

No. You can customize your tag how you prefer it. These fields are provided simply as a guide to how most customers will choose to engrave their tags. Please feel free to put what you would like in each field keeping in mind character limits per line on the tag.

Do I have to have my information engraved all in CAPS?

No.  We use all CAPS engraving as a standard as it tends to make the information easier to read.  If you would prefer to use Upper and Lower Case text please make sure to add a note in the Special Instructions area when you are completing your order.  You may also call us for further assistance. 

Can you engrave special characters such as accents above letters or symbols?

While it is possible in some instances, we recommend contacting us to confirm that the instructions for the special characters have been received with your order. If symbols are requested we advise to call us first to make sure the character or symbol can be engraved.


Can I choose the color of the embroidery on the collars?

Yes.  While most collars will come with either white or black embroidery depending on the color of the collar ordered, we do offer other colors.  Please call for available color choices.


Do I need to buy attachments to connect my tag with my pets collar?

No.  Each tag ordered will come with a standard split ring.  If you would prefer a different attachment you may find different sizes of rings at your local hardware store for a minimal cost. We also carry S-hook attachments which are available upon request.

How do your Plastic and Jewelry Collar Tags stay on the collar?

These tags are held in place with an industrial strength Velcro strip that wraps around the back of the collar and locks the tag in place securely. 

Do I need Klippy with every tag I order?

We recommend our easy to use Klippy for owners whose pets have more than one collar.  The Klippy is designed to make changing the tag between collars and harnesses much easier, and helps keep the split ring attachment intact longer.


What is the Owner Alert Service?

Owner Alert  is an extra service that we offer for a one time fee of $9.95 per household.  It provides the ability for the finder of your pet to contact us in the instance they can not reach you directly.  We would attempt to reach you using a list of alternate contacts you would provide for us at the time you signed up for the service.


The engraving is incorrect on my item and I know I entered it correctly on my order based on my confirmation.  What do we do about this?

Easy fix.  We're human and from time to time we make a mistake.  We are more than happy to fix those errors when we have made them.  Simply call us or email us regarding your order and we will correct and replace the item right away. 

Whoops!  Looks like I made a mistake on my order and missed it when I reviewed the order confirmation.  Do I have to pay for my order all over again?

We all make mistakes.  No need to reorder and pay full price.  We offer what is called our "Paid Redo" option.  Simply call us and we can correct the error (engraving, size, color, shape ordered) and process the payment over the phone for you.  $5.00 for tags, $8.00 for collars or leashes.

I have a non customized item that I ordered the wrong size/color of.  How can I exchange these items for the right ones?

Simply give us a call.  We can issue you a return authorization number and provide you the return address.  Return postage would be at your cost.  Once we receive the incorrect item back we will get the corrected item shipped out at no cost for you. 

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on your products?

All of our products come with a warranty that protects you.  If the engraving ever wears off, should the item break, even if your pet chews on the item.  In these instances we will send you an exact copy of the original item ordered.  Please keep in mind that the warranty will not allow for any changes to be made to the engraving, color, shape, size or style of the tag.

My pet lost their collar with the tag on it. Does the warranty cover for this?

Unfortunately loss of the collar is not covered for replacement under the warranty.


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