Collar Tags

Collar Tags

3 dogs, and 1 cat, each wearing metal collar tags attached flat to their collars

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Our collar tags for pets attach directly to your dog or cat's collar. These unique pet tags are designed to be quiet and out of the way of your pet's daily routine so they keep looking brand new for a long time. Browse a unique selection of collar tags for dogs and cats below!

Our Jewelry Collar Tags feature your pet's info laser engraved next to a paw, heart, flower, or bone design. They attach to the collar with an industrial strength Velcro that opens and closes to wrap securely around the collar. These enameled pet ID tags are available in a variety of colors, depending on design, including blue, red, pink, black, purple, yellow and white. Dog collar tags for pets are available in sizes to fit both cats and dogs!

Our Plastic Collar Tags for cats and dogs are like our classic plastic pet tags - deeply engraved to show a contrasting plastic color - with your pet's information. They have built-in industrial strength Velcro that opens and closes to wrap securely around your dog collar or cat collar. These quiet dog tags are lightweight, easy to read, and long lasting! Available in sizes to suit any pet, and in colors blue, red, green, black, orange, white, mint, tan, pink, purple, and gray. These are great as both dog and cat collar tags!

Our Rivet-On Dog ID Collar Tags are available in stainless steel or polished brass, and come with matching rivets so you can attach them to your dog's collar. Available in one "medium" size, this sturdy tag fits on most medium & large dog collars.

All of our collar tags are an excellent tag option for dogs that play a lot, like to chew on tags, like to destroy tags or get them caught on things. The collar tags are out of the way of your dog’s daily life so they can enjoy life and not worry about their ID jewelry getting in the way. The Jewelry Collar Tags & Plastic Collar tags are excellent for cats too! Many cats prefer not to have a tag hanging down, clinking against the food dish or getting in the way when they’re relaxing. Our collar pet tags for cats are the perfect solution!

Staff Favorite

Employee: Heidi M
Favorite Tag: Jewelry Collar Tag
Pet Name: Dodger

 Dodger likes his jewelry collar tag.

Dodger is a beloved fur family member of LuckyPet employee Heidi M. The Jewelry Collar Tag is Heidi’s favorite tag for Dodger (aka Dodger Doodle), because not only does it show up well, stay out of Dodger’s way during his busy life, and catch the eye of others, but it makes him look very sophisticated too! Dodger doesn’t mind showing off the tag any chance he gets.

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