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Reflective Metal Tags - Stainless or Brass

Classic Stainless Steel and Brass Dog Tags

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Our solid metal dog tags are a classic, featuring your info laser engraved on the front, and a permanent reflective sticker on the back. Choose reflective metal dog tags from many shapes below! All are available in stainless steel or polished brass, and in sizes to suit any pet. And if you're shopping for your cat, check out our Metal Cat Tags page!

Metal Bone,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Bone $12.95 USD
Metal Heart,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Heart $12.95 USD
Metal Round,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Round $12.95 USD
Metal Bow Tie,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Bow Tie $12.95 USD
Metal Cat,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Cat $12.95 USD
Metal Star,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Star $12.95 USD
Metal Dog,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Dog $12.95 USD
Metal House,  - Lucky Pet
Metal House $12.95 USD
Metal Hydrant,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Hydrant $12.95 USD
Metal Mouse,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Mouse $12.95 USD
Metal Rectangle,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Rectangle $12.95 USD
Metal Tiny Oval,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Tiny Oval $12.95 USD
Metal Jumbo Bone,  - Lucky Pet
Metal Jumbo Bone $12.95 USD

Our stainless steel & polished brass dog tags for pets have been a favorite of customers since we started selling them in 1988. Like our other custom dog ID tags, choose from many fun shapes, including: heart, round, star, house, mouse, rectangle, bone, bow tie, hydrant, dog, cat, tiny oval, and jumbo bone.

These metal dog tags are laser-engraved with your pet's info on the front of the tag, and have a permanent color-matched reflective sticker on the back of the tag, which serves as a safety reflector for when your pet is in the dark. For optimal reflecting, we recommend you put the tag on so the reflector faces out, and the engraving faces the pet's chest. If someone needs to read the tag they can easily do so by flipping it over.

Each of our stainless steel and brass dog tags feature a grommet to reinforce the hole so the tag will last for years for even the most active pets. For lasting engraving, it's best to ensure the engraved side of the tag is not rubbing on other tags, especially other metal dog tags, as rubbing will wear down the engraving more quickly.

All of our brass and stainless steel dog tags are available in sizes small, medium, and large, except for the tiny oval which is available in one very small size; and the jumbo bone which is huge and only recommended for very, very large dogs. Personalize your engraved brass or stainless steel dog tags today!

Also available for a one time fee per household that covers all your pets - is our Owner Alert lost pet finder service.

And just for fun, here are some of our customers’ pets wearing our brass and stainless steel dog tags:

3 goats with stainless steel round pet tags
Here we have Peanut, Watson, and Marigold wearing their round stainless steel pet tags. Yes, goats wear pet tags too!

Luna and her star tag
Luna the adorable pup is wearing a stainless steel star shaped pet tag.

Louie in the snow
Louie is showing off the large dog shaped stainless steel dog tag. What a great winter photo Louie!

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