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Our entire collection of custom pet tags are thick and strong, and the engraving is clear and long-lasting. Many of you have tried the instant pet tag machines in the pet store or the discount pet tag websites and told us that the lightweight tags just don't hold up to normal wear. Our engraved pet tags are built to stand up to years of use. Our personalized dog and cat collars come in many styles. Also, be sure to browse our wide selection of cat and dog toys.


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A one time fee of $9.95 for a lifetime of protection for ALL of your pets.

Order your custom pet tag with OWNER ALERT and every pet tag you ever order from us can have Owner Alert included for free.


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Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

October 15 2018

When your dog trots through your living room, do his tags jingle and jangle like a school janitor's key ring? Does the tag noise drive you crazy or has the jangling simply become part of the background noise in your home? Whatever camp you fall into, there are some simple ways to reduce or even eliminate the noise from your life.

Halloween Pet Costumes for 2018

October 11 2018

It's that time of year. Maybe some of your neighbors have already decorated their houses with jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and giant spiders.  No doubt you've begun to plan your own Halloween costume. And if you have a pet, you may have been considering a costume for him or her. Here's a handful of pictures of pets in costumes, that we find particularly humorous.

September 2018 Newsletter

September 24 2018

Tony Alsup is a truck driver from Greenback, Tennessee. He also has a huge soft spot in his heart for pets, especially pets that tend to get overlooked for not being "cute" enough. But I'm jumping ahead; let us go back a year ago when this story started.

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