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Whether you’re looking for a huge dog tag for your Newfoundland or a tiny name tag for your miniature puppy, our incredibly large selection of custom dog tags ensures that we offer one that’s just for you and your dog. Over the last 30 years, we’ve designed and invented several styles of dog name tags right here at our factory; custom dog tags you can’t get anywhere else.

Of course we offer the traditional and classic dog ID tags like a bone shape cut out of thick, polished stainless steel or solid brass. Our metal dog ID tags come in 11 shapes and each shape is available in 3 different sizes.

Also fairly traditional are our reflective plastic name tags. They’re light, colorful and very durable.  We invented a method to make them reflective with 3M’s Scotchlite coating, a safety feature that no else offers.  We have 11 styles in 3 sizes AND 12 colors.  That’s 396 different choices of custom dog tags!  We also have some unique holiday ID tags like a Christmas stocking shape, a Valentine “I heart you” tag that looks just like a candy heart, a shamrock and even a glow-in-the-dark ghost.  We also make dog ID tags for service dogs as well as medical alert dog tags.

We developed our truly unique collar tags as a dog ID tag for animals annoyed by dangling tags.  We soon discovered that this truly revolutionary name tag had other advantages as well; they are absolutely silent and since they don’t bang around on things, the writing doesn’t wear out.  People love our dog collar tags so now we offer a full range of sizes, colors and styles.  No more jangling and puppies can’t chew on them.

Another “LuckyPet only” tag is our popular Plastic Frame name tag. It’s a blend of plastic and metal resulting in a stylish look.  They can be rather classic such as a burgundy frame around a brass insert or brash and flashy with neon yellow surrounding polished stainless steel dog tag.

Perhaps our most stylish pet ID tags are a line we call our Enamel Jewelry tags.  They are shiny and colorful and provide just the added bling that some pets are looking for! We have several styles and colors and even offer a tiny version of some jewelry name tags (smaller than our small size) which make great ID tags for any smaller pet.

Be sure to check out our full selection of dog tags because we have the one that is right for your dog. Whether the perfect name tag is metal, plastic, large, small, glowing, reflective, attached with rivets, attached with Velcro, attached to hang down, medical alert, service dog, or just darn cute, we have it!

For the ultimate protection, add our Owner Alert lost pet finder service to your pet's tag.

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