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Traditional Cat and Dog Collars

We call this style our traditional dog collar (and traditional cat collar), a classic collar style we’ve offered for 30 years! They feature sturdy nylon webbing and a simple metal buckle closure.  We offer these collars in several colors and sizes, certain to please and fit any pet.  Choose to have your pet's name and your phone number embroidered on your collar for an added level of protection that personalized dog collars offer. 

Our traditional collars have been a favorite of our customers since we started selling them in 1988. Available in colors to match our pet ID tags, these classic collars are the perfect addition to complete your pet's identification needs.

Constructed of a sturdy 1-ply nylon material, these collars have a strong metal buckle, and a metal D-ring for attaching dog & cat ID tags or a leash.

Choose your width from 3/8”, 5/8” or 1” wide and from a selection of lengths.  For proper sizing of the traditional collars, we recommend taking a snug neck measurement of your pet, and adding 2 to 3 inches to determine the collar length to select.  Collar lengths are measured from the middle of the buckle where the material begins, to the last adjustment hole, the largest size it can adjust to fit (like a belt).  

Each collar has about 4 holes, all about ½ inch apart.  If ordering for a still growing pet, you may wish to order a length an inch or two larger than the above recommendation and know that you can use the other, inner holes as your pet gets bigger.  The collar measurements can vary slightly and are not always exact, but these measurement methods will ensure your cat or dog gets a well fitting collar. 

While these traditional cat collars are available in sizes to fit any cat from kitten to a Maine Coon cat, many pet experts suggest that you consider a safety collar for cats, that will stretch and release a cat if the collar gets caught on something.  We offer our “safety cat collar” that has the same look as this classic collar but has the stretch release feature. 

Our embroidered traditional collar features your pet's name and your phone number embroidered into the nylon in an easy-to-read contrasting color stitching. Personalized collars are a fun way to add identification to your pet's outfit.

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