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While Martingale dog collars can be somewhat hard to find, custom martingale collars are nearly impossible!  You’ve found them both here.  Martingale collars are special made for walking and training greyhounds. Sometimes referred to as greyhound collars, they have an extra loop that gently tightens the collar if the animal pulls, so that the collar cannot easily slip off. Choose your Martingale collar with or without custom embroidery.

Martingale Collar,  - Lucky Pet
Martingale Collar $10.95 USD

Our Martingale collars are specifically designed for breeds with narrow heads like greyhounds and whippets. Unlike our other personalized dog collars that open, it is a continuous loop with that must slide over your pet’s head. Made from sturdy, 1-inch wide nylon, the design is a clever combination of loops and D-rings. Attach your leash on D-ring in the middle of the center loop. Any pull gently cinches the collar to keep your pet secure from slipping his head out as would be possible with a conventional collar. The overall circumference is 20” at its largest setting. Adjusted to its smallest setting AND pulling tight on the cinch loop, it can go all the way down to 10” at its smallest. Again, there is no buckle or clasp on a Martingale dog collar; it must be able to slide over your dog’s head to be put on. The range of sizes of this adjustable collar is made to fit just about any dog that should be wearing this type of collar. Available in colors red, blue, black, or green. Please note that we’ve found that the red collars can bleed color if they get wet, so we do not recommend the red collars on white or light colored fur.

Because of how they are made, custom Martingale collars are hard to find. They must be personalized BEFORE they are assembled. We can personalize your dog’s collar with custom embroidery of your dog's name and/or your phone number! We embroider in bright white thread, which stands out nicely on these collars, allowing a maximum color contrast for readability.

We sell dog leashes to match! Check out our 6-foot nylon dog leashes, available in various widths and in many colors. These can be customized with your dog’s name too.

To complete the set for your pet, get the collar, matching leash, and ID tag with your info so you can be reached if your pet ever gets out. Get your dog set up with LuckyPet personalized products today.

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