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Cat Safety Collars with Stretch Section

A design of our own, you can't find these safe cat collars with stretch section anywhere else! These safety cat collars feature 3/8" wide nylon and a stretch section so your cat can slip out of their collar if it gets caught on something. Our stretch cat collars are available in sizes to suit any cat, in many colors, and with personalized embroidery of your cat's name and phone number.

Our cat safety collars are a traditional nylon buckle collar, with a stretch section added so your cat can escape if their collar gets caught on something. Available in a 3/8-inch width, and in lengths 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch, these stretch cat collars feature a sturdy metal buckle closure and a D-ring for attaching ID tags. Choose from nylon collar colors blue, red, green, yellow, black, burnt orange, white, mint, tan, pink, purple, gray, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, or neon green.

Your cat's name and/or your phone number can be embroidered for an added level of identification for your kitty. Personalized embroidery is done in a contrasting color stitching to assure visibility of your cat's info. Embroidered safety collars are an excellent addition to an ID tag, or a perfect alternative to an ID tag in the case that your feline family member doesn't approve of a tag hanging down from his or her collar. It offers a light-weight, comfortable, and unique way to provide your phone number in case your cat ever gets out. It is also easier to read at a distance than a pet ID tag, because the embroidered letters and numbers tend to be larger than ID tag lettering. This feature can come in very handy with a skittish kitty that may not be easily approached by strangers.

Purchase personalized safe cat collars with stretch sections for your cats today!

Beyond pet name or phone number, embroidered cat collars can be used to tell people what your cat cannot:

Monster and his neon orange embroidered cat safety collar
This is Monster, wearing a neon orange cat safety collar with the words "I'm Deaf" embroidered in black thread.

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