March 2018 Newsletter – LuckyPet

March 2018 Newsletter

March 20, 2018

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LuckyPet Newsletter


March Pets of the Month

This is Dancer. Many thanks to Judy Peterson of Alexandria, MN, who wrote:

"Mom, do I HAVE to wear this? I'm French, not Irish!"

"She is wearing one of your medical tags announcing she has Addison’s
disease, seizures, and pulmonary valve problems. All are under control
with good care and medications and she is doing well. She is also wearing
your steel bone tag that cannot be seen in this picture . It contains my
contact numbers along with my 2 daughters’ numbers as well as our vet’s
number. She will be 13 this coming August and still loves to chase
squirrels and bunnies!"

This is Molly and she sure looks alert!

Thanks to Cindy Thomas, Newbury Park, CA.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

If you haven't seen your picture submission in our newsletter, check out our facebook page. Once there, you can see lots of pet pics, submit more and chat with us or other pet fans!


Cat Rescue Guy

Cat Rescue Guy sounds like it could be the name of a lesser character in the latest Marvel superhero movie; a hero with oddly specific powers. In fact, Randall Kolb of Baton Rouge, LA is somewhat of a superhero to nearly 150 cat owners.

Kolb's first career was as an IT guy, spending much of it at Louisiana State University until he retired in 2013. But his official retirement lasted only two days. On the third day, he found a new calling and began his transformation into "cat rescue guy."

"Two days after I retired, my wife came home from a walk in the neighborhood and told me she found a cat stuck in a tree a block away." Kolb remembers.

He went to look and sure enough, it was a cat and it was stuck. No one knew whose cat it was so Kolb, a cat enthusiast, made it his mission to help get the screaming cat down. Staring up the tree at the cat, he soon realized that he didn't have the skills nor tools to safely affect a rescue. So the next day was spent searching for someone capable of getting the cat down. After many dead ends, he finally found someone. That evening, a man with climbing gear arrived, scampered up the tree and brought the cat down. He made it look so easy that Kolb knew right then that he wanted to be able to climb like that.

He found someone to teach him how to climb but then spent almost the whole next year practicing and honing his climbing skills and collecting climbing gear. At the same time, he researched and studied everything he could find until he became somewhat of an expert on cats stuck in trees. His transformation was complete. Instead of the IT guy, he was now Cat Rescue Guy! Actually he was

Since then, he's rescued nearly 150 cats and become a resource ready to help anyone, anywhere, trying to get a cat out of a tree. And even more amazing is that he does it all for FREE. You can read lots more about Randall Kolb on his web site. More importantly, his web site contains just about everything there is to know about cats stuck in trees. Our hats are off to you and the work you do Mr. Kolb.


Sisters in Seattle

Here's a heartwarming story that happened just weeks ago in Seattle, WA's renowned Pike Place Market. If you've been there, you know that it's a smorgasbord of sights, sounds and smells as millions of tourists a month stroll the various hallways, past booths selling just about everything from small batch honey to t-shirts, flowers, produce, fresh fish, homemade jewelry, etc.

It was a Sunday, a rare sunny one in the middle of a Seattle winter. Two local families decided to head to the market that day and both brought their dogs. By chance, they ended up walking down the same walkway but in opposite directions. They both noticed each other, even from a distance away because they seemed to be walking identical dogs. But then, as they got closer, the dogs noticed each other and it was their reaction that surprised everyone, enough to even get the attention of a woman working at a booth right next to them.

In her booth, Pam Corwin noticed how much the dogs looked alike but then noticed them getting very, very excited as they got closer to each other. This wasn't just two dogs meeting for the first time. She pulled out her camera to take video of them.

"Suddenly, the dogs ran towards each other and went totally crazy. I went over to watch because it was so adorable, and as I stood there soaking up the love, the couples figured out that the dogs are siblings and came over on the same plane to be adopted from Russia a year ago! The dogs recognized each other!" Corwin said.

The two dogs, Maui and Juniper, are 11 month old sisters. They haven't seen each other since last May when they arrived at SeaTac airport as small puppies and went home with their new families.

For over a half hour, the dogs played and got reacquainted and when it was time to go, the families swapped contact information to arrange play dates and make sure the sisters stay in touch.

Read more on the KIROnews website and Corwin's Facebook page which also has her video of the dogs reuniting. Sometimes it's really neat that almost everyone has a video camera in their pocket!


Video Funny

Husky pup discovers the water bowl. (7 sec)

The great puppy escape! (48 sec)

So close! Cat caught on a security camera, attempting to catch a bird. (37 sec)

Pets from the Internets...

Just cute and funny pet pics found online:


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