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Lucas' Story- how Owner Alert Works

We've experienced thousands of cases of reuniting pets with their owners throughout the years, and each case is a little different but results in a thankful pet owner and happy pet. But this particular case really highlights the unique benefit of having all of your important phone numbers registered in our database in case your pet ever gets lost. The following letter was written by a member of our Owner Alert pet recovery services and tells the story of Lucas.


I want to write this note in profound appreciation of your staff and service, and to let you know that I believe the Owner Alert system saved the life of my beloved 2 year old Labrador Retriever, Lucas, on Monday, July 24th.

I was outside with Lucas and my other older dog that morning, walking through a field for exercise, when he scared up something- possibly a wild turkey or deer- and bolted after it. (This area is thick with tall prairie grasses, underbrush and trees, so he was out of sight immediately)...

I tried to run after him in the direction I thought he went and called his name. When he didn't respond, I ran back up to the house, got my hunting retriever whistle and called him in- which he is well trained to do. When again he didn't respond, I ran back to the house to get the car keys. As I burst through the door into the kitchen, the Owner Alert operator had just left a message. Unbeknownst to me, as I was told later by witnesses, Lucas had gotten as far as the county road, heard my whistle, turned to come back and was immediately hit by a car and then a truck. Although he survived the impacts, his injuries were severe and potentially fatal.

Fortunately several people stopped immediately. One of the Good Samaritans called in the accident from the information she read on the Owner Alert tag. As I was in the process of returning the Owner Alert call, "call waiting" beeped and it was my veterinarian. He was extremely concerned and said "I just got a call from Owner Alert that Lucas has been hit by a car, is everything okay?" He relayed the details he had gotten from the Owner Alert operator, and told me that he and his staff would be prepped and ready for an emergency.

So I never did get to talk to your service staff directly: once I heard from my vet, I rushed to where Lucas had been hit. Thank God he was alive, albeit quite seriously injured. The kind strangers that stopped for Lucas helped load him into the back of my SUV and off I went at top speed. The vet triaged and stabilized him, and we transported him to the emergency referral hospital.

So from the time he was hit to the time that he received immediate lifesaving care was about 25 minutes- and I live out in a countryside so this is truly amazing.

He survived, and it looks like he's going to make it, in spite of serious internal injuries, broken bones and chest trauma.

I believe that Owner Alert was key to saving his life.

Had it taken a long time to find out who Lucas' owner was, then track me down, (or if no one had taken it into their own hands to get him immediate veterinary care if I couldn't be located), I believe he would have died within hours.

When I finally got home later that evening, there were messages both on my home phone and cellphone, as the Owner Alert team had continued to try to reach me. I apologize to your staff that I didn't ultimately return their calls- once I got the call from the vet's office, I jumped in my car and got to Lucas as fast as humanly possible- and spent the next 13 hours at vet clinics and the hospital.

I can't thank your team enough- words are inadequate to express my gratitude. I have told numerous people about your service. My veterinarian was incredibly impressed as well, and he understands first hand how time was of the essence in saving Lucas.

So whoever was on duty this past Monday morning, please offer them my deepest thanks for their efforts. And tell them they really made a difference in saving the life of a sweet and gentle young guy- who has all the veterinary staff charmed at the emergency hospital.

God bless you all for being a member of the team that saved Lucas' life.

Warm regards,
Lydia F.

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