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Rivet-On Dog and Cat Tags

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These durable and permanent rivet-on dog tags are ideal ideal for dogs that are rough on stuff!

Need extra rivets? They're available here: RIVETS

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Now Available in 3 Sizes!

• Fits great on cat or dog collars that are 3/8" wide and no more than 1/8" thick.
• Dimensions: 11/32" wide by 1 & 9/16" long
A max of 3 lines of engraving is available on size Small

• Fits great on dog collars that are 5/8" or 3/4" wide and no more than 1/8" thick.
• Dimensions: 9/16" wide by 1 & 3/4" long

• Fits great on dog collars that are 1" wide or wider, and no more than 1/8" thick.
• Dimensions: 57/64" wide by 2 & 7/16" long

The included rivets fit on collars that are no more than 1/8" thick. Most leather collars are too thick to use the included rivets. Your local hardware store may have longer rivets that will work.

Collars sold separately. If you like these dog collar name plates, browse all our pet ID tagsleashes and collars today! 

Pictured below:
Sadie's tag is size Large on a 1" wide collar.
Buster's tag is size Medium on a 5/8" wide collar.
Spike's tag is size Small on a 3/8" wide collar.

Rivet-On Tags



**Attaching Instructions**

To attach the rivet-on dog tag to your pet's collar:  Punch two holes in your pet's collar to match the holes on the tag. Place the tag on the collar and slide the rivets through the matched up holes.

Snap the rivet caps onto the rivets. Use a hammer to tap the cap until the rivet is crushed tightly against the tag and collar. We suggest placing the tag on cardboard or something else padded while hammering to prevent damage to the front of the tag.

*For brass, the rivets are sometimes a little snug and require some extra work to get into the holes. Tip: start pushing the rivet into the hole, then grasp the tag and press the head of the rivet against a hard surface to pop it all the way in.


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