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Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

October 10, 2018

When your dog trots through your living room, do his dog ID tags jingle and jangle like a school janitor's key ring? Does the tag noise drive you crazy or has the jangling simply become part of the background noise in your home?

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

How loud is your pet's tag?

Many people become immune to the sound and don't even notice it.  Still, others hear it but aren't bothered by it. It's a part of their dog, not much different from its bark or the ticking of toenails on the hardwood floor.  But for many, the sound can be as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard.  At that point, the more you try to ignore it, the harder it becomes to not hear it.

Whatever camp you fall into, there are some simple ways to reduce or even eliminate the noise from your life. There are tutorials online about gluing felt to your tags. Or some suggest wrapping a rubber band around them. You can even buy a tiny, neoprene tag bag.  We have a couple of alternatives that we think are better than any of those.

Jangling is caused by two or more tags hitting each other.  In addition to the noise, that constant clanking wears down the tags until they become hard to read. Our first solution is to mount your pet's ID tag flat to your pet's collar.

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

Our Jewelry Collar Tag

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

And another Jewelry Collar Tag example.

Our jewelry collar tag was invented right here at our factory.  We are the only company that has them.  It uses a hidden velcro system to mount the tag.  It's smooth, shiny and has a gentle curve to follow the curve of you're pets collar.  It is pet jewelry!

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

Our Plastic Collar Tag

We also make a similar collar tag out of plastic.  It too uses a velcro attachment but is lighter weight. There are three styles and many color choices.  This tag is functional and dependable, like the Ford pickup of pet tags.

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

For a more traditional look, we offer a pet tag that uses rivets to permanently mount onto your pet's collar.  You must be able to punch some small holes into your collar and, you must hammer the rivets shut.  We are happy to do it for you if you buy the tag and a collar at the same time.

Or how about no tag at all?

embroidered collar

You can accomplish two goals with our personalized dog collars; safety and quiet. By wearing an ID collar, you don't need an ID tag.  Even if your pet wears a license tag, it won't have anything to rattle against.  We can custom embroider your pet's information onto our huge selection of styles, colors, and sizes of nylon collars.  We are one of the only factories that are able to personalize Martingale collars.  If you prefer a less colorful look, we can burn the info into our customized leather collars.
engraved leather collar
And of course, we make personalized cat collars as well.  

embroidered cat collar
We can embroider your pet's name and phone number onto our breakaway cat collars or our stretch section collars.  Even if your pet is chipped, your phone number is the fastest way to get your pet back home.

Cutting Down on Jangling Pet Tag Noise

Clip it on, clip it off.

Our final suggestion is different from the others. We make a small, spring-loaded clip called Klippy.  With Klippy, you can quickly remove your pet's tags when home.  While effective at eliminating the jingle, we would caution against using this method for any pet that may dart out an open door without ID tags.

If the jingle jangle of tags doesn't bother you, just remember to check them periodically to make sure the writing is still readable. But if you're looking for less noise, consider a pet tag that doesn't dangle or jangle.

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