June 2017 Newsletter – LuckyPet

June 2017 Newsletter

June 19, 2017

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June Pets of the Month

Black and white dog smiling for the cameraThis is Lollie, smiling as she wears her flower jewelry tag.  Thanks to Andria Taylor of Napa, CA for this nice picture.


Pretty dog laying in the grassAnd this is Abby, enjoying a sunny day in her back yard in Delhi, ON. Thanks to Janice Moffatt for this great pic.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

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Lost Dog Finds Her Human- At Work!

A happy dog and her happy human

Beagles have an amazing sense of smell, more so even, than most other breeds. An old saying goes that when we walk into the kitchen and smell chili, a beagle smells the meat, the tomatoes, the onion and each individual spice!

Ryk Goddard has a beagle named Cleo with just such a nose. Goddard and his family live in Hobart, a town on the island state of Tasmania in Australia, about 150 miles south of the mainland. One evening last month, they were off on a routine walk in the Queen's Domain, a hilly area northeast of town. As usual, Cleo had to sniff everything along the way. Somehow, she slipped out of her collar and darted through the brush and into the darkness, something smelling too good to pass up.

When Goddard couldn't find her, he resorted to social media and put the word out about his missing girl. For two days the message was shared hundreds of times. And Goddard, family, and friends, kept looking.

Then the winds changed slightly and began to blow south-westerly, from town up to the Domain, where Cleo was lost. An amazing thing happened. When Goddard finished his radio show for the day, he went outside. And there was Cleo, curled up sleeping near the front door to the ABC Radio studios. She found him.

Scott Hunt, a dog trainer, was asked to give his take on the story and see if there could be another explanation other than Cleo finding her way purely by scent. Sure, Cleo had been to the studio one time but it wasn't likely that she remembered how to get there or thought to try looking for Goddard there. No, it was much more likely that it was that amazing beagle nose that brought her there.

"She was finding the nearest link to Ryk," Hunt said. "If Ryk had left his car there [on the Domain], that's where she would have been."

He also advised that if you lose your dog, leave something with your scent on it, like an old t-shirt, near where you lost your pet. It may just be enough for your pet to find their way there and wait for you.

Goddard and his family are just glad that Cleo found her way back. Oh, and they're buying her a secure harness for going on future walks. Read more on the ABC news website.


Seeing Eye Dog Senses Heart Trouble

A dog and its owner

Rachel Slater, 66, of Kenosha, WI is lucky to have Parfait, her 4 year old golden retriever. Slater has been legally blind much of her life and Parfait is her third seeing eye dog. Slater depends on Parfait to safely guide her through everyday life. They have a very special bond.

That bond became even more special one night a couple weeks ago. Parfait isn't supposed to sleep in bed with Slater (but she does). On that night, Slater woke abruptly as Parfait was deliberately pawing at her shoulder. It was unusual but she got up and let Parfait out, thinking she might need to "go". They went back to bed and fell back asleep.

But about 3 a.m., Parfait woke Slater again, this time more vigorously, with a sense of urgency. Slater was confused as to what Parfait was up to. But as she became more awake, she realized that her heart was racing and she felt nauseous. Her family has a history of congestive heart failure so she knew she'd better call 911.

The paramedics and doctors have told Slater that Parfait likely saved her life. Somehow, Parfait was so tuned in to her human that even though never trained to do so, she was somehow able to detect that something was very wrong with Slater's heart and that she needed to wake up.

Slater spent several days in the hospital but now is back home with Parfait. Everyone in Slater's apartment building knows the story about the heroic dog. The joke now is that if Parfait paws at someone's door, you better check on them!

Read more on the Kenosha news website.


Video Funny 

Here's a quick video of some puppies that are determined to sleep together in the same bed. (19 sec)

A kitten makes an attempt to steal an ice cream sandwich. (20 sec)

Watch this dog keep a straight face for as long as possible... and then...(30 sec)


Pets from the Internets...

Just cute and funny pet pics found online:

15 puppies drinking from a kid pool


A small dog sitting on top of cat who is attempting to sleep


A puppy on its back ready to play


A cat perched atop a fence post


A dog at the edge of the water with an excited expression and a life vest on

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