March 2017 Newsletter – LuckyPet

March 2017 Newsletter

March 21, 2017

LuckyPet Pet Tags Newsletter

March Pets of the Month

A silver dog showing off her pet tag

This is Haley, wearing one of our jewelry collar tags.

Thanks to Deb Meiers of Sioux Falls, SD for this nice picture.

Two dogs posing for the picture

And here are Willow and Pierre, Yorkie-Papillon mixes, sporting our paw print jewelry tags. Thanks to Ida Altamirano for catching this great shot.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here. 

If you haven't seen your picture submission in our newsletter, check out our facebook page. Once there, you can see lots of pet pics, submit more and chat with us or other pet fans!

Blind Dog Found

After Week Lost in Woods

Blind dog

Northern California has had an unusually cold and rainy winter. Near the end of February, Boulder Creek, in the mountains north of Santa Cruz, got over 5 inches of rain in one day causing flooding and mudslides. A few days later, Sage got lost in the woods.

Sage is a 12 year old yellow Lab who lives outside Boulder Creek with her family, the Coles. Sage is blind. Somehow, on February 24th, the unthinkable happened; Sage was left outside overnight. A simple miscommunication in the family about letting her back inside almost became a tragic event.

The word went out and friends and neighbors began a search of the mountainous area around their house. There was no sign of her. For a week they searched, but each day that passed, it seemed less likely that she would be found. Besides the bad weather, everyone knew that there had been an increase in mountain lion sightings in the area lately. 

On the eighth day, neighbor Dan Estrada took a friend who was visiting, out for a hike in the hills behind his house. He knew about Sage so when he spotted something white, down below the trail, it got his attention.

“At first I thought it was a garbage bag in the water,” said Estrada. “My vision is not very good so it wasn't until I got closer that I saw it's actually a white Lab laying there lifeless in this stream — her chin just above water level.”

His heart sank as he imagined having to be the one to break the news to the Coles that Sage didn't make it. With his two dogs leading the way, they made their way down to the stream. Sage, likely sensing the dogs, lifted her head.

“When we saw she was alive, I jumped in the stream and hugged her,” Estrada said. “Man, it was really emotional.”

Estrada, a paramedic and EMT, carried a very exhausted Sage on his shoulders, back up the hill. He had called his wife and she and the kids met them at the top of the hill to drive them home. Estrada is convinced that had the stream risen, Sage was too weak to have moved and she may have not been able to get out. And more rain was about to hit the mountain.

Sage is back home and recovering well. You can see more pictures and video on the KTLA5 website.

Canadian Mounties Save Frozen Kitten

A man holding a kitten

The winters can be brutally cold in Saskatchewan, Canada. On the morning of March 7th, a blizzard came through and dropped the wind chill factor to 20 degrees below zero (F). Weather like that makes survival, without a home or shelter, very difficult.

That morning, two members of the RCMP were driving on patrol on a highway in the town of Weyburn, less than an hour's drive north of the US border. Suddenly, Cst. Oram swerved. From a distance, he'd seen something in the road and assumed it was a chunk of ice that had fallen off a semi. But as he got closer, he saw that it wasn't just a chunk of ice. He swerved enough to avoid hitting it, instead passing right over it. His partner, Cpl. Chiddenton, had seen it too. They came to a stop and looked at each other. Was that an animal?

They got out and surprisingly, the small chunk of ice slowly got up and starting moving towards them. It was a small orange kitten, but he was covered with ice and snow, barely alive. They figure that the little guy had probably been huddling in or under a parked car to keep warm, but then when the car left, somehow ended up on the highway. They wrapped him up and took him to the Prairie Animal Health Centre, not sure if the little guy would make it.

At first, Dr. Catherine Colodey couldn't even get a body temperature reading. It took hours of warm baths and eventually some warm food before "Ambrose", as they named him, appeared to be recovering. In the afternoon, Oram and Chiddenton came back to check on him.

“He was very happy to find the kitten sitting with me at my desk, purring and meowing and eating and looking very much like a very healthy kitten,” Colodey said.

Ambrose is such a charmer that another doctor at the clinic has already adopted him; no more winter nights outside!

Read more on the GlobalNews website.

Rescue Dog Earns Steak Dinner

A man and a dog playing with a stick

Last Saturday night, Jim Zimerla went to bed and as usual, took out his hearing aids. He lives with his rescue dog, Marley, in Jackson, New Jersey. At about 3 in the morning, Jim woke to Marley, a five year old Lab mix, jumping on the bed and on him. Immediately, Jim could see that his home was on fire and the doorway was blocked.

"There was no thinking involved. It was just to get to the window, and I was able to get it open and put him out the best I could, and I jumped out," said Zimerla.

He has no doubt that Marley saved his life that night. As bad as the fire was, he and Marley getting out safely was the only important thing. Zimerla says he treated Marley to a well deserved steak dinner the next night.

Read more on the ABC7 website.

Video Funny 

Poor Daisy- just trying to get back to her comfy spot on the swing...

Having stubby little corgi legs can make things difficult.


Pets from the Internets...

Just cute and funny pet pics found online:

A dog smiling while getting a haircut


4 cats coming around the corner together


3 dogs lined up in order of height


A dog hugging another dog


A unique looking cat with its front paws on the table

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