Engraving Guidelines – LuckyPet

Engraving Guidelines

What info can I put on the tag?

The names of the text boxes are just suggestions. You can put any information in any field that will fit except for the field labeled "Phone" which only allows phone numbers. If you would like us to engrave characters on that line, please call to inquire.

How will the engraving appear?

All text is centered and sized to fit the tag, and will be engraved in all capital letters for easy legibility. The top line (usually the pet name) is made slightly larger. If you would like a different arrangement, please call to inquire.

What sort of text can I input?

Please only enter alphanumeric characters using English letters. Punctuation is also okay.

If you want quotation marks " " anywhere on your tag, please write us a note so we can give special attention to your tag to make sure our system engraves them properly.

Special characters, letters with accent marks and non-English letters will not be engraved. If you would like us to engrave special characters, accent marks or non-English letters, please call to inquire.

What if I want less information on the tag than the fields you show?

If you want less lines on the tag than shown here, just leave one (or more) blank. We will center your engraving to look good.

What if I need more info engraved than will fit here?

Double sided engraving is available on most traditional plastic and standard metal tags for an extra $3.50. Please call for details.

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