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Glow-in-the-Dark Pet ID Tags

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A new and unique ID tag for dogs and cats, our glow in the dark pet tags are constructed of durable, photoluminescent plastic that can glow for hours after only minutes of charge. Available in 5 fun shapes, and in sizes to suit any pet!  



Our Glow in the Dark dog tags & cat tags are constructed of thick, durable plastic that is deeply engraved with your pet's information. The black lettering stands out against the light colored tag and can be easily read in the light or the dark. These tags last for many years and remain easy to read throughout time.

These rugged plastic pet tags are made out of high quality photo-luminescent material that can glow for hours after only minutes of charge. They are an attractive off-white color when viewed in the light, but glow bright green in the dark! They’re not only great as a dog or cat ID tag, but also perfect for key chains, luggage tags, and light chain pulls.

Available in a heart, round, bone, star, or ghost shape, these engraved pet ID tags are available in sizes small, medium or large and are great for cats & dogs of all sizes.

Plastic glow in the dark dog tags are a great option for dogs and cats alike. They are lighter weight and quieter than metal tags, and their engraving last for years and years, even when rubbing against other tags on your pet’s collar. They are 1/8-inch thick, so they rarely ever break, and the metal eyelet in the hole prevents the hole from wearing through, so your pet can wear their glow tag for a decade! The only time the plastic dog tags aren’t recommended, is if your pet is an active chewer! If your dog or cat is a chewer, and can reach the tag with their teeth, it’s possible they could chew the tag and damage it. Other than being a chew target, these tags are one of our very favorite tags for our pets. And we recommend them for yours as well!

Select your glow in the dark pet tags today! And be sure to add our Owner Alert lost pet finder service for an added level of security for your pet.

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