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Engraved Plastic Pet Collar Tags

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Our engraved plastic collar tags are truly unique ID tags- a lightweight, easy-to-read, long lasting design that is quiet and out of the way of your pet's active lifestyle. Plastic collar tags attach securely to your pet's collar with a proprietary method using special Velcro. Choose your new plastic pet collar tags from 3 shapes, 3 sizes, and many colors!

These plastic collar tags are our own LuckyPet exclusive tag; we invented them here at our factory! Our task was to design a tag that wouldn’t dangle. Dangling dog ID tags make noise, wear out faster and more importantly, some pets are overly sensitive to hanging tags and never get used to them. And then there are puppies. Puppies like to chew… and a dangling tag right next to their chewing part is sometimes too much of a temptation! Our engraved plastic collar tag solves all those problems. Your pet won’t know it’s there but everyone else will.

We start with our colorful and durable plastic and machine it into our tag shapes. Then we devised a way to attach industrial strength Velcro into the back of the tag so it doesn’t show from the front. When you receive your personalized, engraved plastic collar tag, simply wrap the velcro around your own collar (or one of ours) and your new plastic pet collar tag is securely and semi-permanently attached. That’s it. Velcro wears out a little bit every time it is opened so if you leave it attached, it should last for a very long time. The Velcro is replaceable in the case that it ever gets worn. Click here for replacement Velcro strips for your Plastic Collar Tag.

All our plastic tags are very durable; one of the key features that makes them a perennial favorite for us and our customers. The deep engraving is easy to read and lasts for a long time. Available in a round, bone, or rectangle shape, they are available in sizes small, medium, and large, and in colors Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, White, Mint, Tan, Pink, Purple, and Gray.

We also offer a metal, jewelry tag version of collar tag.

For the ultimate protection, add our popular Owner Alert pet recovery services to your pet's tag.

See how great our plastic pet collar tags look out in the real world:

 Elsie posing for a nice photo and wearing a plastic collar tag.
Elsie is posing nicely for the photo and wearing a Plastic Collar Tag in the medium red rectangle.

Doodles McNoodles and her pink ID tag
Doodles McNoodles is having a birthday party and wearing her small pink rectangle Plastic Collar Tag. What a cutie!

Kitty siblings with their small round plastic collar tags.
These two orange-eyed kitty siblings are sporting the small round Plastic Collar Tags.

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