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Our Tiny Jewelry Tags are the perfect small ID tags for anyone who’s been trying to find tiny pet tags for kittens, small cats, ferrets and yes, even tiny dogs! These lightweight, tiny pet tags are smaller than “small” sized pet tags, ours or anyone else's! Browse our tiny tags in a variety of shapes and colors below.

Bone Charm Tag,  - Lucky Pet
Bone Charm Tag $12.95 USD

Our Tiny Jewelry Tags resemble our traditional enamel jewelry tags, but are shrunken down to a size that is proportional to a tiny pet. Especially designed for any smaller pet where a conventional “small” sized tag is still not small and light weight enough. At only 3/4" in diameter, these small id tags are about the same size as a penny and don’t weigh much more. Because of their dainty size, they can hold up to 3 lines of laser engraving on the back before the writing gets too small. Choose your design first; a paw print, heart or flower, and then choose your color. Your color choices are different depending on the design you choose.

Our Bone Charm Tag is very unusual in that it is not flat like most tags but actually a three dimensional bone shape with depth. It is very much like a charm that you would see hanging on a charm bracelet bracelet. Once marked with your information, this cute and lightweight charm becomes a proper small ID tag that is available in three sizes. It features 1 or 2 lines of engraving, depending on which size you choose, laser marked across the curving the front of the tag. A very unique small dog tag for any dog that can pull off a this much fashion!

Each tag is available with our Owner Alert lost pet finder service to add an additional level of safety for your cat or dog.

Check out some of our customers’ pets wearing our tiny jewelry tags and our charm bone tags (we still need a pic of a ferret!):

Little Mia and her tiny dog tag
This is Mia, being tiny. The tiny flower jewelry tag is perfect for her!

Elsa and her tiny flower tag
Elsa is also wearing the tiny flower enamel ID tag. Looking super cute, Elsa!

Wilson and Daisy
Here we have Wilson and Daisy, showing off the paw and flower tiny tags.

Samson in the woods
This is Samson, being so incredibly cute. Samson is wearing one of the tiny tags, which doesn’t look so tiny on him!

Murray in the snow
Murray is playing in the snow while wearing the charm bone tag, probably in a large size!

Cute kitty posing for a picture
This cute kitty is Bonnie. She’s wearing the tiny heart tag.

Pepita and the flowers
What a great shot of Pepita next to the flowers. Her tiny flower tag matches perfectly.

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