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Find the perfect collar for your cat! We have a variety of cat and kitten collars, from traditional to breakaway to stretch safety collars. Also available are leashes - most cats don't use them but occasionally kitties do go on walks using a cat harness. If your kitty uses a leash and cat harness, check out our wide variety of leash colors! Get your cat's collar or leash personalized with your cat's name and phone number for added protection!

At LuckyPet we strive to offer a full selection for your cat. We carry a variety of safety collars and regular collars for cats and kittens. All of our cat collars are made from a comfortable nylon material. Each style of cat collar is a little bit different so you can select your cat's collar based on their lifestyle.

Our Break-away Cat Collars feature a special clasp that will pop open under pressure and will free your cat in case they get entangled on something. Our breakaway cat collars can be embroidered with your cat's name and phone number. You can also get them with rhinestones if your cat likes a little bling!

Our Safety Collar with a Stretch Section is a creation of our own - taken from our Traditional Cat Collar, we've added a stretch section so your cat can slip out of their collar if it gets caught on something. These can be embroidered with your cat's name and phone number, and are available in a huge variety of colors and three sizes. Be sure to measure your cat's neck to determine the correct size.

The Stretch Safety Collars are a neat design - the entire collar is made of elastic nylon material, so the whole collar stretches allowing your cat to easily slip out if they ever get caught on something. These are not available with embroidery because the entire collar stretches. Each collar comes complete with a bell and a D-ring for attaching your cat's ID tag.

LuckyPet's Traditional Cat Collar is the original LuckyPet collar. It's a sturdy and secure collar for cat's that don't wear a safety collar. It features a metal buckle on one end and holes on the other so it closes like a belt. Available in three sizes and wide selection of colors! This collar can be embroidered with your cat's name and phone number.

Our Adjustable Cat Collar is another great option for cats who don't wear a safety collar. The adjustable nylon collars have a quick-release buckle (not break-away) and a metal D-ring for attaching cat tags.

Add a bell to your cat's collar! We'll even attach it to the collar for you if you leave us a note about it during checkout.

And for those adventurous cats and kittens who use a leash, check out our 6 foot by 3/8 inch wide cat leashes! We can personalize these with your cat's name embroidered. Choose from 15 different colors!

Treat your cat to a personalized collar today!

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