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April 2019 Newsletter

April 11, 2019

LuckyPet Newsletter


April Pets of the Month

Siena the dog
This is Siena, relaxing on her couch and posing for this cute pic. Her owner, Nancy, says "Siena loves her flower tag and so do I".
Thanks to Nancy Cocco of Chapel Hill, NC for this nice pic.
Blossom the cat
And this is Blossom, looking very sweet and showing her plastic "Cat" ID tag.
Many thanks to Janet Torri of Caledonia, MI for this great pic!
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Man and a dog

Road Trip Takes an Unexpected Turn

Matthew Glatz was two-thirds of the way on his road trip from his home in Portland, Maine to California. He'd taken the winter off to visit friends and family along the way and also to explore the mountains.  Without a firm schedule, he would drive and find places to explore along the way.

On the morning of January 17, he found himself winding his way through the hills west of Fort Collins, Colorado. He spotted an interesting looking trailhead and turned his truck-camper around to go back.  He put on his boots and started up the trail.  He only had gone a few hundred yards when he spotted a yellow animal off the side of the trail, growling at him.  He tensed up as there were signs warning about mountain lions in the area.  But no, this was a very skinny and scared dog.  He crouched down and talked in a calm voice until she cautiously approached him. She followed him back to his truck and he found some food for her.  She hopped in and Glatz decided to take her back to Fort Collins to the Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital to check her out and more importantly, scan to see if she had a microchip.
A dog in the snow

She did. Her name was Amelia, a three-year-old mix, and she'd been reported missing over 6 months earlier. Glatz was happy to have brought her out of the mountains to be reunited with her family. Amelia was taken to the Loveland Humane Society to be treated for a wound that turned out to be embedded porcupine quills and to wait for her owners to come to get her. Glatz left all his information with the Humane Society "just in case" and continued on his road trip feeling that this was the happy ending to this chapter of his journey.

One week later, he got a call from the Humane Society.

"Amelia's owner has chosen to relinquish responsibility of her ownership due to "lifestyle changes", and is no longer in the area to reclaim his dog," they said.

Without hesitation, Glatz turned his truck around and made his way back to Colorado. He was angry that people could be that irresponsible with a pet but at the same time, he was eager to adopt her. But it wasn't going to be that easy. When he arrived, they had just gotten test results showing that Amelia had a very bad case of heartworm and treatment could take over a month and be very expensive. After a few meetings, it was decided that the best thing for Amelia was for her to be treated there, living with a foster family. Glatz would be contacted as soon as she was healthy and would have the first option of adopting her.

Reluctantly, Glatz left her and continued west on his trip. Over the next six weeks, the foster family sent updates and pictures of Amelia. She was gaining back much of the weight she lost in the woods.

Finally, at the end of March, Glatz, now in California, got the call he'd been waiting for. Amelia was all better and available for adoption - that is, if he still wanted her. He drove 1,200 miles back to Loveland. On April 1st, he arrived and officially adopted Amelia.

"When I found her in the woods, I said, 'If you come with me, I'll take care of you,'" Glatz said. "I'm just holding up my end of the bargain. It's as simple as that."

"By the time they left (Monday), it seemed like they were meant to be, they were like life-long buddies. She was excited to go with him. She walked right up to his truck, and he had a dog bed in there, and she got right up there and kissed his face. It was a sweet moment," said Kara Pappas, spokesperson for the Loveland Humane Society.

The two began the long drive back to Maine the final part of this road trip that turned into a rescue mission. Certainly, this is just the beginning of many adventures the two will share. Read more and see pictures on the Reporter-Herald site.


A man and his chihuahua

15 Year Old saves 16 Year Old, Blind Chihuahua

Russell Harris and Peanut, his 16-year-old Chihuahua have been together Peanut's whole life.  Over that span, Peanut has lost sight in one eye and cannot hear much anymore. That's why when Peanut disappeared in the middle of March, Harris posted on the Lost Pets of Trenton, NJ Facebook page that he was desperate for help.

“She will cry and shake if I am not around,” Harris wrote.

For a week, she was on her own without him. Harris, friends, neighbors and even strangers searched the neighborhood knowing that the small, frail dog couldn't have gotten far.  They also knew that she wouldn't be able to survive long on her own.

On the following Friday, 15-year-old Anthony Malagrino was walking home from school. He lives on the same street as Harris and Peanut and walks it every day.  But that day, he happened to be on the right side of the street at the exact time he was.  He heard something that got his attention enough for him to stop and listen again.  It was barking but odd sounding, kind of far away.  He soon realized that the barking was coming up from a sewer drain. Once he realized the situation, he didn't hesitate. He wrestled up the sewer grate and climbed down, under the street to rescue the distressed dog.  People noticed and gathered to see what was happening. Someone realized it was likely Peanut and word got to Harris.

He ran outside barefoot to get to Peanut.  She was scared, weak and very cold. He rushed her to the vet.

“I’m proud of that young man,” Harris said. “I can’t praise him enough.”

Peanut's vet said that the barking Malagrino heard could have been her last gasp for help.  Her temperature was dangerously low and her organs were shutting down; she would not have survived much longer.

Read more on the NJ.com website.


Dog vs Google Street View

As most of you know, Google Maps lets you click on most roads and get a "street view"; a 360-degree picture of what you'd see if you were standing on that spot. There is no magic here, just miles and miles of driving in specially rigged cars with cameras constantly firing in all directions while also logging their exact location. While not magic, it is quite an endeavor that Google continues to update and expand.

As you can imagine, unexpected images get mixed in with the hundreds of thousands of mundane shots of asphalt and buildings. People falling or caught in other embarrassing moments have led to numerous compilations of funny or odd pictures of things caught on Street View.  There's even a dedicated website. Recently, a dog made his contribution to the list of funny pics.

A Google camera car was operating in Kumage, Japan recently and got the attention of a small dog. As the car made its way to the end of a dead end road, this pupper noticed and decided to check out this unusual intruder on his street. He gives the Google car a chase and ends up in all the pictures on this road.  See the pics on Distractify or better yet, go this spot on Google and click around until you see the little guy.

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Video Funny


 Parent taunting a cat

The neighbor cat is not amused...

 car in snow

You've got to see this...


Cute Pets from the Internets...

kitten in a kibble bowl
bernese mountain dog puppies
cats in a tree with bowls on their heads?
Corgi puppy
poodle groomed to look like a sheep

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