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Halloween - From Your Pet's Point Of View

October 29, 2018

What's your favorite holiday?  For lots of people, it's Halloween and it's easy to see why- parties to attend, crazy costumes and of course, trick or treating. Oh, and candy.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

While you’re busy making plans for Halloween night, make a plan for your pet as well. Take a moment and really picture Halloween through your pets' eyes.  While the sight of ghosts and goblins, the Hulk and Wonder Woman and even a zombie or two can be funny to us, many pets can get confused and even scared. Add to that the constant doorbell rings and knocks on your door and you can see that Halloween can actually be a very stressful event for our furry kids.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and happy:

Keep your pet indoors.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Image Via wannasmile.com

With all the activity in most neighborhoods, especially if there are “tricksters” out, having your pet inside for the evening is simply, safer. And consider keeping your pet in a quiet room away from the front door.   Some dogs will react to a strange looking person in their home with fear, possibly leading to aggression or even running away.

Keep your pet away from the treats.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Don’t let your pet eat candy, intentionally or accidentally.  And that includes candy wrappers that might just smell good enough to eat.  There is good information about the risks of candy and what to do at https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/pet-owners/seasons/halloween/.

Watch out for other Halloween decorations.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Image via fanpop.com

Jack-o'-lanterns or any other decorations with candles need to be placed where a pet can’t bump them or be burned by them.

Be kind with pet costumes.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Image via instagram.com/p/Ba94tFvgOIo/

Over thirty million Americans will buy pet costumes this year- presumably for their pets. While costumes on dogs and cats can be absolutely hilarious, most pets want nothing to do with wearing stuff for our amusement. You know your pet best. If your buddy is a willing participant, have fun with it.  But if your pet is like most, you'll know right away.  Don't force it.

Watch out for pranks on pets.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Black cats are inextricably tied to Halloween.  I guess they are spooky.   There are shelters that will not allow their black cats to be adopted in the weeks just before Halloween.  This is to prevent adoptions where the cat might be used as a decoration, for a prank or worse.  Most experts say that’s not very likely to happen.  

But they also say there is a small spike in calls regarding pets at Halloween, but not just black cats. It's usually caused by youngsters making bad decisions, being cruel while trying to entertain their friends.  See #1- keep your pet indoors.

Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Every expert agrees on this one. Halloween is chaotic and exciting but it may stress your pet more than you realize. It may build to a point where a loud noise or a scary mask may be enough for him to run.  Even if your pet is microchipped, a tag with your phone number and address is still the quickest and easiest way for someone to help your pet get back home.  Full disclosure: we sell pet ID tags.

Happy Halloween and have fun.  Make sure that your pet enjoys it as well.



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