June 2018 Newsletter – LuckyPet

June 2018 Newsletter

June 21, 2018

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LuckyPet Pet Stories

June Pets of the Month

This is Timber, a 12 week old golden retriever, showing off his new pet tag!

Thank you to Jennifer Baxter of Fairfax Station, Virginia for this cute pic.

And here we have Bella, wearing her pink awareness ribbon tag.

Many thanks to M.S. of Canton, Texas for sharing this photo and her story.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

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Suspected Tumor Turns Out to be...
Teddy Bears

Here's an odd story from the other side of the pond; in the town of Dewsbury in north central England.

Maisy was just not acting like her old self. The 8 year old St. Bernard had little energy and seemed bloated. Her human companion, Jane Dickinson, decided that it warranted a trip to the vet to get checked out.

The vet agreed that something was wrong with Maisy's stomach and ordered a CT scan to take a deeper look. The scan results confirmed it; her stomach was unusually full but of more concern, there appeared to be a mass on her spleen. The doctor feared it could be cancerous and suggested they do surgery to remove her spleen.

Now I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of what happened in the operating room, but I would have to believe that the few seconds after opening Maisy's tummy were quite unusual. Looking for a tumor, it must have been quite surprising to instead find four nearly intact teddy bears. And while all surgery is serious business, it must have been a relief for all to only be removing some stuffed animals.

Dickinson, obviously relieved at the revelation, immediately recognized the toys as belonging to her Chihuahuas. She had seen Maisy play with them but this was a surprise.

You can read more on the BBC News site.

Found After Three Years

Kandi Glick runs the Des Moines County Humane Society in Burlington, Iowa. She recently got a call about a dead dog lying behind the car wash in town, so she went to take care of it. There was nothing there. Then it happened again. Again, no dog. She asked the owner of the car wash and he said it was likely the stray dog that lives in the woods sleeping back there. He told Glick that the dog comes to the carwash to dig through the fast food garbage that people clean out of their cars. He added that the dog was skittish and ran back to the woods if anyone came close.

Glick wanted to help the dog but first had to catch it. One night last week, the trap, baited with irresistible hot dogs, worked. She took the pooch to the vet and found her to be in relatively good shape. Her fur was so matted that they had to shave her. Buried in the matted fur, they found that she was wearing an old collar. Glick was now on a mission to reunite a family with their lost pet.

With no tags and no microchip, Glick began checking online for lost dogs. But this dog had been on her own for a long time so whoever lost her, had probably given up hope by now. Glick also runs a lost pet Facebook page and thought to dig back through the old posts, just in case. She kept digging deeper- one year, two years, three years...and then she spotted a post with a picture of a lost dog that looked kind of similar. The dog she had was much thinner and had much longer fur that the dog in the picture but... She called the number on the old post.

A thousand miles away, in Ucross, Wyoming, BJ George got a very unexpected phone call. Glick started by asking George if he was in Iowa 3 years ago. Yes, he had been; his company had sent him there for a temporary job. At the end of his time there, his wife Jennifer, daughter Samantha and their dog, a red heeler named Ginger, had driven out to visit. Shortly after they arrived, Ginger got out when a door was left open... and was gone. They spent an extra week there searching. They put up signs. They spent hundreds of dollars on ads. And they posted on Glick's Lost Pet Facebook page.

Over the years, the George family had gotten several tips that didn't pan out so they were a bit skeptical that this time would be any different. The pictures and video that Glick sent them didn't really look like Ginger. And the collar; Ginger had been wearing a bright green and purple collar and this dog was wearing a tattered brown one.

Glick was disappointed. She pulled out the dog's old collar and looked more closely, especially the inside of it. Maybe it did have some color after all. She took it to the sink and scrubbed it with soap. Green and purple colors emerged from beneath the brown soap bubbles.

Great work and persistence, Ms. Glick- way above and beyond the call of duty! More pictures and the video of the reunion on the Fox8 News website.

Video Funny

Tasha is not ready to go in yet! Watch what this clever pooch does to avoid having to go inside. (40 sec)
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This video shows that even the most patient dogs have limits with an overly playful kitten. (1:44)
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Another "big brother" taking care of his puppy brother. (15 sec)

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