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May 2019 Newsletter

May 21, 2019

LuckyPet Newsletter


May Pets of the Month

White dog smiling
This is Bailey, a Bichon Frise who just turned 12. He loves showing off his heart tag on long walks almost as much as he loves treats!
Thanks to Jackie Peluso of Herndon, VA for this nice pic.

brown dog being cute
And this is Kona Mocha, proudly showing off his Paw tag.
Many thanks to Kimberle O'Kelley of Keizer, OR for this great pic!
Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

If you haven't seen your picture submission in our newsletter, check out our facebook page. Once there, you can see lots of pet pics, submit more and chat with us or other pet fans!

two blue collie dogs

Dogs Get Help For Injured Runner

Pita Oates lives in northwestern England with her blue collies, Buddy and Merlyn. Oates is a runner and Buddy and Merlyn, her running partners.

In the middle of March, Storm Gareth had just blown through northern England.  Much of the UK had been pummeled with heavy rain and winds up to 80 mph. With the worst of the storm over, Oates decided to go for a run on Great Hill near the town of Chorley.  The area is a vast park of scrubby brush and rolling hills.  Because of the storm, not many people were out that afternoon.


Oates and the boys were having an exhilarating run; the wind still gusting and dramatic breaks in the clouds where the sun, low in the sky, lit the lingering rain. And then suddenly, the run was over. A slip or misstep caused Pita Oates to tumble down the hill. At some point during the fall, she broke her femur (thigh bone) and tore her ACL, a ligament in her knee. She was in terrible pain and in trouble. She assessed her injuries and somewhat luckily, the damage was primarily confined to her leg. But when trying to stand, she immediately realized that she couldn't put any weight on her leg.

She hadn't brought her phone and the chances of someone passing by were slim. She knew she had to get herself off the hill. She was wet, cold, and it was getting dark. For the next 90 minutes, she inched her way down on her rear, careful not to even bump her injured leg. She used one of the leashes to immobilize her broken leg.

The dogs knew something was wrong. First, they stayed close by but as they got further down the hill, they began to bark incessantly. It was as if they knew there was more of a chance for help to hear them. Then she noticed that while Buddy stayed close by her, Merlyn was making bigger and bigger loops, looking (and barking) of help. When Merlyn was out of sight, he and Buddy seemed to be also barking to each other.

It was dark and Oates wasn't sure she was going to be able to get back to the parking area. But she was sure she didn't want to spend the night out in the wind and rain. She was experiencing signs of hypothermia and drifting out of consciousness. Buddy was still barking in response to Merlyn's distant barking. As Merlyn got closer, she realized that her dogs had likely saved her life. Merlyn had found one of the only other people out on the moorlands that night and somehow convinced a man walking his dog, to follow him.  Merlyn brought the man to the spot where Oates had stopped. Two mountain rescue units responded to get Oates out.

Oates spent the next 8 days in the hospital. Her broken femur required surgery and a metal plate and she will require another surgery to repair her ligament damage. Still, she is quite lucky that her boys knew what to do and were able to get her help. See more on the BBC news website.


black & white fluffy cat

Cat Found After 16 Months

Montecito, CA is a town just outside of Santa Barbara.  A year and a half ago, the hills and forests to the north were ravaged with the worst wildfires in state history. Then in a cruel twist, only a month later, in January of 2018, four inches of rain drenched the same area in less than 48 hours. The Montecito area was then hit with a deluge that dumped a half inch of rain in five minutes.  The destabilized soil couldn't hold together any longer and deadly mudslides poured down the hills, taking homes out along its path.
The Strogoff family was one of the families affected by the mudslide. When they heard the warnings that mudslides were likely in their area, they packed what they could and got out. When it was time to go, the family's two cats, Diamond and Huguette, couldn't be found; they had likely hunkered down and were hiding. Sadly and reluctantly, they left the cats.
Noelle Strogoff told her three children that the cats were smart and strong.  They would know what to do to survive; probably climb a tree and wait.  She wanted to believe it herself but when they returned a few days later, the magnitude of the devastation done to their neighborhood was more than she ever imagined. Their home was severely damaged and there was no sign of the cats.
Days went by and turned into weeks, and then to months.  Amazing stories of other found pets circulated and buoyed the hopes that the cats would come back.  Repair work needed on their home kept them living elsewhere for over a year. A year is a long time to hold hope but they always kept an eye out for any sign of the cats when they visited.
Just last month, after the Strogoffs had been back in their home for a few months, they were having some more repairs done.  Noelle was talking with one of the workers and mentioned their missing cats.  She mentioned Diamond and described her long black and white coat.  The worker got an odd look on his face and asked more about her.  He then said that it sounded just like a cat he'd recently been feeding.  Could it be?  Seconds later they were comparing pictures on their phones.  Minutes later, Noelle was following him to his home to see if the cat he'd rescued was in fact, Diamond.  It was!  For 475 days, she'd been on her own but not far from home.
See more on the KEYT news website.


Hugo Breaks Out To Visit Friends

Here's a quick video from the Happy Trails Pet Hotel and Playland in St. Louis, Missouri.  Apparently, it is a very happy place for its clients, like Hugo.
The video from a security camera in the lobby shows an employee open the front door.  Before he can enter, exuberant Hugo bolts in to do a lap of the room, obviously excited to be there with all his friends.  A quick call to Hugo's owner confirmed that no, Hugo was not supposed to be there and that he must have escaped.  He was over a mile from home and had crossed a busy boulevard to get there.

From the Happy Trails Facebook page: "We're so glad Hugo wasn’t hurt and told him next time to have his dad drive him!"  See the video.


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Video Funny


 cute puppy

So That's What Those Are For
Cute corgi pup and a soon to be annoying "toy."

 dog playing in a bucket of water

Trampoline Dog

You may think this excited pup is all about playing in the water.  Keep watching!


Cute Pets from the Internets...

cute cats
fuzzy puppy
kitten playing in the grass
dog with spiky wet hair
cat hanging upside down

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