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October Newsletter

October 28, 2016

Pet of the Month

An orange kitty wearing a silver cat face shaped ID tag
This is Leo... looking very relaxed.

Thanks to Shirley Wend of Manahawkin, NJ for sending this nice pic!
Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

If you haven't seen your picture submission in our newsletter, check out our facebook page. Once there, you can see lots of pet pics, submit more and chat with us or other pet fans!

Dog Stuck on Cliff Rescued

A dog on some rocks
Last month near St. John's, Newfoundland, on the easternmost tip of Canada, Grant Young was out fishing. Along the rocky shore, on a small perch on the side of the cliff, something caught his eye. It was a dog - but it didn't look like any kind of place a dog should be. Unable to do much from his boat, he decided the best thing he could do was to get as close as safely possible and take a picture of the stranded pup.

Like many rescue stories these days, Young turned to social media to get the word (and the picture) out. Amazingly, it took just a half hour for Danielle Lake to recognize her lost dog, Askim in the Facebook picture. Askim had been missing for 10 days after being scared by some fireworks being set off near their home.

Perhaps as amazingly, it took only 30 more minutes before a full scale rescue team was assembled and on the way to rescue Askim from the cliff. Young went along to show Jackie McCormack from Pleas for Paws Rescue, exactly where he'd seen Askim. It was getting dark when they got there but McCormack, a commercial diver, donned her wetsuit and swam a zodiac in to the shore. She then climbed the cliff and was able to carry a terrified Askim down to the boat.

Danielle was waiting anxiously for the good news. Finally, as the rescue team arrived back at the dock, she and Askim got the happy reunion they were both hoping for- thanks to a sharp eyed fisherman and dedicated rescue team.

Read and see more on the VOCM Radio website.

Stowaway Cat Found at Thrift Shop

A stripey cat
Earlier this year, we had a story of a couch being donated to a thrift shop only to discover that the donor's cat was hiding inside. Well it happened again last month; maybe it's time to do a Public Service Announcement for all cat owners donating couches!

About six weeks ago, a driver for the No Longer Bound Thrift Store in Cumming, GA went to pick up a sofa. It was a pretty ordinary pick-up and checking it in at the store was uneventful; the store receives 15-20 sofas a week. Before long though, odd things began happening at night in the store. Several times, the store's motion activated alarm was triggered. Cumming police kept responding but never found anything or any signs to indicate someone had been there. It was a mystery.

After several weeks, the mystery was solved when the store manager happened to be working late and noticed something moving on the security camera monitor. It was a small tabby, casually making her way across the warehouse.

Even knowing she was in the warehouse somewhere, the tabby proved elusive avoiding a trap that was left out for her. Eventually, an employee spotted her and coaxed her out into the open with some food. She was able to grab her and then took the cat home to care for her.

It was as they were posting "found cat" notices on Craigslist and on their Facebook page that store employees remembered an odd question from over a month earlier. Someone had simultaneously donated a couch and lost a cat. They'd come to the store to ask on the off chance that the two events were related. At that point, no one had seen the cat so they said no and the person didn't bother leaving any contact information. Now they were fairly certain that there was someone out there looking for this little girl.

That Atlanta Journal-Constitution got wind of the story and ran it last week, hoping that the couch's donor would see the story. It worked! Stephanie Cunningham heard about the article after a friend read it and put the stories together.

Stephanie remembers when she went to the Thrift Store the day after the couch was picked up, and said “I'm going to ask you the strangest question you've ever heard, but did a cat come with any of these couches? They looked at me like I had three eyes.”

You can read and see more on the AJC website.


Spooky Tags

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Video Funny 

Here's a funny cat clip: "what if this vase accidentally fell off the... just kidding!"

This quick clip shows that you have to be careful to try and steal a treat from a hungry pupper.


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Two cats wearing frog hats
A mommy pitbull and her puppy
A pile of cuddly kittens
A puppy with its face up to the camera
A cat with its nose up to the camera

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