November 2017 Newsletter – LuckyPet

November 2017 Newsletter

November 20, 2017

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LuckyPet Pet Tags Newsletter

November Pets of the Month

Cute dog and his red bone frame tag

This cute pooch is Domino, posing nicely for the camera and wearing a bone frame tag.

Thanks to Pam of Lawrenceville, IL for this great picture.

Cute fluffy cat and her red heart pet tag

And this is Flatsy, enjoying her new life indoors after being a feral kitty. 

Thanks to the Mason family of Nesconset, NY for sharing this nice pic of their new family member!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of their pets! If you have a great picture of your pet (showing off our tag would be nice!), you can submit it here.

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Pup Rescued From Car Engine

A tiny puppy in someone's hands.

Robin Haas teaches welding at Surry Community College in North Carolina. Last month, a serendipitous chain of events put her in the right place at the right time, at least as far as one desperate little puppy is concerned.

Haas was invited to Fox8 to be interviewed about women in the welding trade and a new welding program for young women. On her way to the school, the day of the interview, it occurred to her that she should have worn makeup. She decided she should make an "emergency makeup stop" at a nearby Walgreens. She parked and made her way towards the store when she heard something that got her attention.

“There’s no mistaking that little puppy whine,” she said. She followed the sound to a car parked nearby. Looking in and under the car, she soon realized that it must be under the hood of the car.

Eventually the car's owner came onto the scene and was as surprised as anyone. She had no pets nor could she think of any way a puppy could end up in her car. And she'd just driven 45 minutes before stopping at the store!

They opened the hood and the whining became desperate. But there was no puppy to be seen. They discovered that she had somehow gotten herself under the battery. They needed tools to get her out.

Haas called one of her students at the school and had him rush over with a toolbox. After removing the battery, they were closer and could see her but the little gal was still stuck under the battery tray. A bit more work and the little pup was finally free. A bit greasy and scared but she was seemingly uninjured. Remarkable considering the burning hot parts and spinning pulleys and belts all around her.

Haas took the pup back to the school before going to the vet to get checked out. Another student saw her and fell in love at first sight. If the pup's owners can't be found, she already has a new forever home. Quite a change of circumstances for the little girl, all because Robin Haas decided to make a quick stop at Walgreens!

You can see video of the last part of the rescue on the Fox8News site.


One Lucky Dog

A couple and their rescued dog.

This is two stories that happily merge into a great story of perseverance.

Alma, Colorado is a small town, population just under 300, tucked in the mountains 90 miles west of Denver. At over 10,500 feet, it also holds the record as the highest incorporated town in North America. Mountains rise even higher around the town, five of them over 14,000 feet; 14ers to those who speak the local language. It's on one of those mountains where our story takes place.

Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel own the local restaurant and bar, the South Park Saloon. They, their seven year old son, and Chloe, a 14 year old Lab/pit bull mix, live nearby on Mount Bross, one of the 14ers.

One August night, Chloe didn't come home. They took turns off work to search for her. They climbed trails and yelled her name. They put up posters and of course, used social media. As you can imagine, word spread through town pretty quickly. Despite all the eyes on the lookout for Chloe, days turned into weeks with no sign of her. At altitude, the seasons can change quickly and this year was no different; in the time she was missing, summer turned to winter with startling speed, bringing freezing rain and snow. Eventually, Osborne and Patel decided they could no longer put off the difficult talk with their son, explaining that Chloe wouldn't be coming home. They hiked to her favorite spot and stacked rocks as a memorial.


Trinity Smith and her boyfriend moved to Colorado from Florida three years ago. They recently found their way to Alma and fell in love with the outdoor adventures that living on a mountain offer.

On September 20th, Smith got home from work and went through her routine which included checking in on, a website for climbers to talk about all things climbing related, especially locally. One new story grabbed her attention firmly. Someone climbing nearby reported hearing a dog barking, unusual up on the mountain. Was it a lost dog? Some speculated that it may have been a coyote. But what if it was a lost dog?

Smith is an animal lover; she had rescued all three of her pets from bad situations. She couldn't stop picturing a poor dog, alone and lost on the mountain. She made it through work the next day and then had to go up to the mountain where the climber reported hearing the dog. She called out, over and over, waiting to hear a bark in return. She laughed at herself for coming out and expecting to find a lost dog. It probably had just been a coyote. As she was leaving, she heard it. It was definitely a dog bark. Her heart racing, she scrambled across loose rocks towards the sound. It was getting dark and it was getting steeper. She battled her emotions and realized that she was putting herself in danger if she kept going without help. She hurried back down the way she came. Back at her car, she charged her phone and updated the story on the 14ers website.

Almost immediately, a fellow climber responded that he was on his way with ropes and lights to help get the dog down. The two of them made their way back towards where she'd last heard barking. But now it was silent and pitch black darkness. They had to stop.

Smith went home and told her boyfriend, Sean Nichols, about the dog. They had planned a trip out of town the next day but he knew where they'd be going now. After a sleepless night for Smith, they went back to the mountain.

For three hours, they yelled with no response. Smith started to doubt herself. Reluctantly, they began their way back down the mountain, calling out periodically, just in case. Then they heard it.

“It was a desperate bark,” said Nichols. “Like she was saving them, like she’s only got a few barks left.”

Every bark helped them narrow her location but they couldn't see her. Then, her head popped up from behind some rocks. She was stuck, somehow on a rock face with a steep drop all around. Nichols reached her, climbing on his hands and knees. He reached up to grab her collar and it slipped right off. She had dropped from 90 pounds down to 26 in the six weeks she was missing. He coaxed her into dropping into his arms and the two made a controlled slide down the scree field.

Smith and Nichols had brought food and water. They carried her back to the car and took her to town. They stopped at the grocery store and a woman there immediately knew that it was Chloe. She called Osborne and Patel at the restaurant and they both ran right over, even leaving food to burn on the stove. There was quite a reunion party in the Saloon that day.

Chloe is going to be fine and is regaining that lost weight. A very happy ending- all because of determined perseverance; Chloe's, to survive alone on a mountain, and Smith's, to search for a sound, just in case it was a bark for help.

Lots of pictures and video of this great story.

Read and see more in the Denver Post.


Video Funny

Great clip of a golden having his patience tested. (13 sec)

Hey- what's outside? (13 sec)

Dog Bed Problems (15 sec)

Gentle, gentle... (15 sec)


Pets from the Internets...

Just cute and funny pet pics found online:
An orange kitten standing on its hind legs.
Dogs peeking through doggy peep holes in a gate.
A cute dog singing for the camera.
Puppies laying all in a row.
A black cat with a Darth Vador hat.

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